The Nail Files Mobile Spa with Katie Cazorla

As written for I Heart Heels
The TV Guide Network’s Nail Files Mobile Spa recently rolled into New York, so naturally, I just had to treat myself to a free manicure. The nail salon-on-wheels is a miniature replica of The Painted Nail, a chic nail boutique located in Los Angeles, CA. Owned by the adorably quirky Katie Cazorla, The Painted Nail is the setting for a fun new reality series, Nail Files, airing Tuesdays at 10pm EST on the TV Guide Network. From the creators of Jersey Shore, the reality series follows Katie and her unique team of nail technicians and high-profile Hollywood clientele such as Hilary Duff, Paula Abdul and Deborah Gibson.

I felt absolutely fabulous after getting a coat of Stiletto (black) with a sparkling top coat of Pink Quin (pink glitter), so after showing Katie my new polish (she loved the black/pink combo), we chatted for a few minutes about all things beauty. I have a few friends who are afraid they’re too old to try bright, bold nail colors, aside from the safety of reds and pinks, so I  asked Katie her thoughts. “No! Bright colors are hot, especially for summer,” she says. “You’re never too hold to have fun with your nail color. But the best thing is, if you don’t like it, you can take it right off. It’s not permanent.” As a chronic nail-biter, I also had to see if she had any tips for me. “Get a manicure. If you’re nails look nice, you’re less inclined to bite.” Well, then. Done and done. Thanks, Katie! (Oh, and Katie assured me that despite working on her feet 24/7 at the salon, she always wears a hot pair of heels.)


One response to “The Nail Files Mobile Spa with Katie Cazorla

  1. Please take this dumb blonde off the air. What is the world coming to?

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