“They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.”
— Andy Warhol

After spending eight years living in a closet and working in various cubicles in New York City, Tina Smithers recently returned to her hometown of Kansas City, MO where she lives in a much bigger loft apartment and works as a full-time freelance writer. Tina has written and reported for a variety of publications and websites including Glamour, Seventeen, Us Weekly, Best Body, M Magazine, MTV’s Remote Control Blog, AOL’s Spinner.com, truTV’s Dumb As A Blog, truTV.com and Crushable.com. In her spare time, Tina enjoys reading autobiographies and gossip magazines while subconsciously looking for typos. She gets really excited-slash-appalled when she finds one. She also thinks talking about oneself in third person is extremely pretentious.

Header Photo Credits (left to right): weheartit.com, girlhula, bleubirdvintage, beautycomma, weheartit.com. Photo above by Nicole Fasolino, as part of The 365 Heart Project.